The Orient Heights Yacht Club is the oldest incorporated yacht club in Massachusetts. It was incorporated on August 31st, 1901. The original charter still stands true today…

“The purpose for which the corporation is constituted is for the encouragement of yachting and for the establishment and maintenance of places for social meeting.”

For over a century the East Boston’s Orient Heights Yacht Club was a meeting place for club members and for community members alike. Many club events, neighborhood BBQ’s, and Blessing of the Fleet celebrations were held there. For many people the clubhouse was like a second home, a place to socialize, boat, and enjoy the company of friends.

That all changed April 8, 2000, when an electrical fire, fueled by high winds, broke out underneath the 2-1/2-story wooden-framed clubhouse. Although the Boston Fire Department responded quickly the high winds were too much to handle and within a short time the flames had consumed the building and 17 boats reducing it all to a pile of twisted metal, ash and melted fiberglass.

The members held strong and after meeting out of a converted construction trailer for almost 5 years the new club was reopened in February of 2005.  You can read more about the fire in an article done by “Soundings” in May of 2006.

Today the club has some 250 members, many monthly events, invasions with Port Norfolk Yacht Club and Town River Yacht Club.